Great Maine Carrot Stick Week January 26th-February 6th


Jan 26th-February 6th (yes, technically that covers 2 weeks!).  As Northern Girl puts up our season’s frozen inventory, we are producing carrot sticks for many Maine schools and foodservice salad bars.

Ever wonder how Maine kids can get locally grown foods at competitive prices?   This week, Northern Girl proposes to find out where that volume point works.  We are putting up 10,000# of frozen inventory and in our volume equation are 3000# of carrot sticks for your school or institution.

Email for a complete availability, schedule, and details.

Deadline for delivery January 26th-30th…Friday Jan 23rd

Deadline for delivery February 1-6th…Friday January 30th

So move over baby carrots, for a couple of weeks, and show the local carrots love instead!  All of our carrots are grown by Aroostook County Farmers.

We promise to share the results of our processing run with you!


Marada Cook


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